• The following five examples of narration are taken from our film, which are spoken with music in their respective scenes.

  • Narration One
  • Narration Two
  • Narration Three
  • Narration Four
  • Narration Five

  • Into the Breech

    White Picket Cage


    My Heart Belongs to Hitler

    The Human Experience

    Along the Way

    Innocent Dirt in a World of Hurt

    One Hate

    Entrance to Exit

    Razorblades and Rain

    Black Heart Abyss

    It's Hard to be Human

    Tentacles of Time

    Paintings on the Pavement

    Wonderful People

    A Snowy Day in Hell

    Misery and Madness

    Eventual Hell

    Life was meant to be Wasted

    The Horror of Now

    Hell is for Humans

    Exit Dream

    A Better Day

    I Can See

    Our Sinking Grave

    Desperate in the Darkness

    Stare into the Blue

    A Moment in Time

    Drowning in Dream

    Down, down, down


    Against Time

    Somehow, someday, someway

    Laughing in the Cemetery

    It and Me

    The Prison of Death


    In this Dream

    The Green and the Gloom

    The Breath of Billions

    To Live is to Die

    The Windows to the Soul

    Can You Imagine?

    I Shall Rise

    The Shadows of Tomorrow


    Life goes on...

    The Insane

    This Faded Place

    The Forbidden Symbol

    The Hateful Flame Invisible

    Vast Deadness

    Where Happiness Dies

    Love is Lost...

    Vast Expanse of Misery

    A Dungeon Deep

    For the Love of Life


    An Anonymous Act of Absurdity

    Angry in the Rain

    Cast Away

    The Cradle of Life

    Deadly Flowing Whispers

    The Delicate Hand of Heaven

    Dream the Dream

    Even in Death

    Faithless, Dead and Obsolete

    Heavenly Hell

    Never to be Free

    Our Peace...

    Paradise in the Sky

    Rage in the Grave

    Silence and Darkness

    Spiritual Anarchy

    Suicidal Fanaticism

    The Death of Death

    The Totality of a Lie

    Nihilistic Prayers

    Tomorrow Belongs to...

    Oblivious Nirvana

    Hearts of Hate

    Long Gone...

    The Razorblade of Redemption

    The Sunless Dawn

    The Ebony Thorn of Hatred