An Anonymous Act of Absurdity

An Anonymous Act of Absurdity, so is life...
So deeply shallow the still motions of living
As fumes uplifting to the expanse of oblivion
With a powerless wind we blow
Life flies on the stealthy wings of death
With a lover's embrace she holds dear the promise of her oblivion
Eternally unerring...collapsed in a state of statelessness
Anonymous and unworthy, let's walk the road of fabled forever together
In the garden of earthly victory, we shall uproot the flowers of hope
Lay ruin to their soil, and take to bed the grand wizard of defeat
With magic unthought, his prowess lies unrealized to them
The woven star of sparkling blackness, the colorful glare of the grave
Forge our path with the bones of collapsed miracles
Hand in hand let us share our utter impotence
Striding along upon the sunless horizon
Let us reach to the dead sky with smiles of accepted failure...
Drink from me the deadly waters of our truth...
And realize that we are the bearers of a living lie...
Without proportion so invalid and extreme
Perfect in our imperfect dream
Let's drown in the lake of illogical immensity
And speak the lies of times gone by...
Accept the unacceptable, the spoken word of wordless speech
We shall befriend the loyal spirit of nothingness
Bow before its needless knees, and dare to be free
The actors of life's imagination, you and me...
Defile their healthy flesh with the blade of truth
May their gaping wounds bleed bloodless screams
And our haunting faces forever riddle their dreamless dreams
Let's smash the pillars of the futile sky
And in our death never shall we die...
Echo a word of departure...with an absent 'goodbye'...
Subtract us from your kingdom, oh tyrant of worldly lies
To the wellspring of non-existence, where even death, dies...