Our Peace...

"Follow thy loved ones, to the heaven they have gone, raise thy razor, and carry on..."

Fall into her grim favor, a fictitious reality, our sneering savior
Loathing this fabled day, steady hopes begin to stray.

Laying death upon the souls of the dead, they shall know life instead
Black clouds lay siege the dawn, its morning illusion, gone.

A holocaust of rays of light, a dark day, an endless night
Rotting perfection, a dream of ended breath, a necessary death.

Butchered aspiration, happiness in absolute desperation
The captured soul gazes through its captors eyes, alone, the spirit sighs.

Fleshly oppressor, your hold grows weak, as the soul in whispers, begins to speak
Ideas alien to instincts emerge, sadness and desolation, a suicidal urge.

A spiritual suggestion, a brave passage to lifeless perfection
The soul breathes...through open skin, a gruesome utopia, where everyone wins.

Nature observant, in this illogical choice, she cries for her child, in silent voice
With mother's forgiveness, she takes her children away, in loving arms of earth, forever to lay.

"Understand you shall never understand, we seek a higher place, in God's land.
Where the battle of life and death does cease, and in oblivion, we find Our Peace..."