The Forbidden Symbol

"Truth lay unconquered,
the spirit breathes,
the dream lives on..."

Into the world with nothing, but with some things we'll depart
Pain, torment, vengeance, and a hate-filled heart

Bloody memories, shattered glass and broken bars
Hatred, rage and loathing, beneath seething battle scars

Burning for vengeance, runes writ on a shattered tree...
A quest until death, for you and me...

No forgiveness, beneath this canopy of smoldering weeds
Let only their death and ashes remain to remember our deeds

Born unto the rumbling battleground
The oaths of our glorious fathers, we're bravely bound

A time for truth, the longest hour draws near
Stripped of our future, void of any fear

In our hearts The Forbidden Symbol we bear
Walking this lonely battlefield, so few dare

History's shadows fall long upon this endless night
We're weary and bleeding, but continue our fight

New soldiers in the same ongoing war
To the God of our struggle, let our sword be the door

The Forbidden Symbol reflects the light in our leader's eye
In halls high he awaits, all those who in our battle die