Hearts of Hate

Silent and still, our soldiers of yesterday
Enshrined by their children, the earth where their ashes lay
A pureness enriched in battle, their gravestones point the way

Tears are shed in longing, young hearts laced with hate
A cry of anguish, an unfair fate...
Encircled by darkness, five short decades too late

Cries for truth and vengeance, yet echo solemnly in their deeds
We light a candle, and wipe the lies away like weeds
On a land scorched with death, hope spreads their valiant seeds

Fires yet burn on the horizon, unquenched by justice's hand
Their souls lay in limbo, their decorations buried in time's sand
But oppressed hearts lie filled with hate, a militia of soldiers, from every land

The truth as we know it, and not as we've been taught and told
A battle without gender, a war cry of the young and old
A golden light from the past, shedding its warmth on this lonely cold

Lifeless lips and empty eyes, our victory has been lost
But for the spoils of their evil, our vengeance is their cost
Hearts of Hate burn stronger, into destiny's hands we're tossed...

-Dedicated to MJM