Where Happiness Dies

Wild stars shine bright, on this cold watery night
The embers of heaven, sparkling gold to an apathetic sight
A fabulous fortune, we bleed and sin under her angelic light

Glittering screams fill these echoing halls...
Brightly lit shrieks, trapped within the starry spherical walls

I taste the torture, as it drips between my lips
I laugh with the murderer, as your soul from your body she rips

On a suffering world abandoned, we laugh above their cries
We bury our fortunes, where happiness lives, Where Happiness Dies

A servant to death and misfortune, in our dreams the world burns with every night
Their cities swallowed in flame, at the end of a smoldering rainbow, in black and white

Screams, like the sweetest music, a lullaby to sing us to eternal sleep...
A crash of bloodthirsty thunder, with only corpses left to weep

Into this world with nothing, and with nothing we depart
Into doom and darkness, with stilled breath and a dead heart

The stars shine with dying light, upon the ruins, our twilight
A paradise for sinners, dying beneath His merciful sight
Vaya con dios, under the cemetery's light