A Moment in Time

"The cemeteries are nothing more than human junkyards."

There's a sick little place, of green and blue and everything untrue.
With watery wilds and forested mystery...
Where a merciful God peers vengefully in the sky, with a little too little and too much to do.
And not to forget, a rich little history.
A quaint corner in the stars, our lovely Earth, with eyes of green and gown of blue.
Where the wind carries birdsong through budding branch.
Animals play in innocent abundance, in the stockyards or the local zoo.
Where cities of stone and steel, rape the eye of any worthwhile view.
A kind, gentle race inhabits this place.
And hatred, greed and coldness, are not an innate human trait.
A place of lovely lies, billions of rats beneath a human disguise.
All aching for something, an alibi for their human crime.
All little players, in a mad moment in time.