Silence and Darkness

The hour slips from a fragile grasp, as the stars melt like candles from the sky
The delicate laughter of summer now fades, and the autumn evening brings another lie
The angel of solitude spreads her lonesome wings, her porcelain lips lay cracked and dry
With an ivory hand outstretched before her, she kneels before me and begins to cry
With broken wings and flightless song, her eyes fall awaiting my hand
With a sigh of tragic certainty, I slowly rise from the frozen sand
Like snow falling upon my palm, the faded warmth of her hand falls into mine
Heaven glistens in her wet eyes, as she raises my wrist to her delicate lips
Softly I feel her hungry kiss... her tongue falls into my wound as she whispers

"Fallen child let me uplift thee with our truth, the wings of salvation are crushed, and the gates to heaven lay unbuilt. Silence and Darkness be your only heir, your inheritance, far from fair. "

Falling into destiny's foul embrace, she momentarily catches my fall
In her lovely arms she stares down upon me with a reassuring smile
A last fated whisper falls upon her ears...

"Silence and Darkness...are but the masters of those afraid to die...and your truth, like a lie..."