The Breath of Billions

Reluctant souls, gather in the soundless depth of space
spinning, insane, down the cosmic drain
The Breath of Billions heave, lost, in this terrible place

Centuries of laughter have faded away
a world whose lost its innocence
Who waits impatiently for a new day

Evil wets its lips and smiles
its hunger looming, its seed human
Long, our journey, through life's corrupted miles

The city blocks steam, with the sweat of our deeds
twisted towers, endless aching hours
Mortal debris, rotting human weeds

Smoking gardens, exhaling hate
our skeletal goal glimmers
God forgives, but we are too late

Madness grasps, six billion miserable dreams
in a diseased reality
Nightmares resound, and Heaven screams

Tortured truth, in this maddening pain
with halos of ruin
As kings and queens we reign

An Eden in ember
we are its flame
Forgotten, we choose not to remember

Icy smiles melt into doom
no feelings survive
In this earthly tomb

The pulse of extinction, in an unborn dream
so heaves The Breath of Billions
Raped without distinction, murdered without a scream.