Misery and Madness

Nothing's going to get better, it's only going to get worse
From a bloody bassinet, to a rusting hearse

One final crawl, with the funeral procession
To claw at our coffin, life's final recession

Life is not precious, nor a gift, but a death-sentence, a fucking curse
God does not love you, nor does your fellow man
We wait for you to stumble, to grind your face in the sand

Your conceit, your 'accomplishments', shall turn to dust
Your filthy gleaming smile to pitiful rust
Born with a debt owed to death
We pay our dues with each passing breath

An ignorant smile fades to an intelligent frown
The slippery ladder of youth leads straight down

Existence, a random gamble, not a spiritual test
And death might be anything, except eternal rest

What shall lie beyond the darkness of death
A boring non-existence, would be a fair guess

Chained to this fate, at your birth it is already too late
What a strange truth, we shall never escape