Even in Death

Pale dawn begins to break, as the sun sets in the distant east
We veil our heads in darkness, and bed with the beast
Down in his depths so cold, so distantly kept in a heart so near
The life-absorbing flames assure the gravest intentions, we've nothing to fear
Gender-less supremacy, budding in its flowerless bouquet
A new life lying unfathomed, collapsed in continual decay
Happiness rests here, beneath the headstones we find our way
With gaping, breathless mouth, our scorn in silence we say
Fill us with your fluids, and damn us to our hives
But Even in Death, vengeance survives
Silent anguish in our beds of silk, the kings and queens of yesterday
In grave-laden gardens, the sweet flowers above us in May
Obsidian lineage spells a life passed on...
Longing for simplicity, the cold mists of dawn
Longing memories spill across our haunted vision
Traces of suicide on sunken skin, in life, our wisest decision
Aching for the warmth above, the innocent splendors of animation
The touch of another...so alone in our destined damnation
The earth our sky, shrouding us, like a black fleece
Even in Death, through anger, life does not cease
Obsolete in this rancid phase
But the eyes yet see, in their blind gaze
Whispers of winter taunt and entice, but we only feel her cold
Expelled smiles yet linger, on a frozen face so bold
Hidden hatred bares an antique smile...
But Even in Death, we remember all the while...
A pallid hand lurches below...
Swallowed by vengeance, whole...
And Even in Death...
Life swells beneath a still breath...