Drowning in Dream

I was freezing with fever... the warm wind blew through the rusting screen...
I sensed lost dark places, jagged angles of empty spaces
The scent of stars, decaying in the darkness...
I sifted further in this nightmare, drowning in my dreams
Sealed with a smile, the joyous sin
Not so alone, the madman within
Relaxed in feverish realization, the world seemed worlds away
And it's whispering I have to stay, in hateful enormity, in black and gray
I salivate, and taste its bitter curse
I pay its price, with a life of faded worth
Instincts collapse, and I'm drowning in my years
The murder within, the laughter turns to tears
I collapse, beneath its weight, I contemplate, my doomed fate
The years penetrate, leaving nothing but the absolute
The beautiful lies, replaced by a sickening truth
A gesture of a clawed hand
I'm burning beneath time's sand
Warm skin, brushed with a patina of blood
Cold desert dark, waiting for the flood
Slow eyes, and whispered smiles
A drunken journey, these living miles
Diseased, beneath the winter sheet
The smell of corruption, agony and defeat
Drowning here, in this living dream
With a spirit whisper and a simple scream