Exit Dream

There is no peace, on Earth or in the sky
No redemption, now or after we die
The warm breath of change, heaves a stagnant breath
The valiant armies of life, have been murdered by death
Without hopeful breath or valiant beat
Continually, it will not cease

Here today, gone tomorrow
Without love, without sorrow
Our futures delivered in a bullet-riddled casket
Life's grinning gift, in a bone-strewn basket
Where virginal purity, hide the eyes of a whore
The despair of a thousand ages, rushing through our door

An abrupt end to a dream, a broken bottled scream
Blood boils with rage, in the immensity of this human cage
Exit waking, in this manufactured dream
Mouth agape, you hear a pre-recorded scream
The velvet hands of time strangle you
Through the plastic bars of this human zoo.