The Shadows of Tomorrow

The Shadows of Tomorrow, bear the sorrow of today.
The scars of today, are the failures of yesterday.

In this place of wet sorrow, the lamplight shines distantly.
Another death, another day
This painted smile hardly hides its decay.

Swollen with hate, the day arrives too late.
Too old to know, too young to care
A silent gaze, hides a dead stare.

The world will turn, despite my screams and prayers.
The human predicament, our roach-like race
Their presence, like swine, to this hater of the human face.

Despise being alive, waiting around to watch you die.
Skeletal trees embrace this rotten cast
Gouged eyes upon you, the first and the last.

In fortune, in flame, your grin certifies your shame.
Broken glass, annoint filthy, quivering feet
Icy cold surrounds you, despite the conquering heat.

Fight. Fail. Your candle blows with my breath.
Womb-like warmth, in this bed of sticky red
You're living, you're dying, destined to be dead.

Slow suicide, in this field of trampled dreams.
A bullet. A brain.
An empty wall, a beautiful stain.
Too much, too little... in a world gone insane.