To Live is to Die

Destiny, a thing of dream and faded circumstance
To marvel imagination, to give us just one fleeting chance

Yet, it's been determined, that to live is to die
Far and away, to the prison of death, in the crowded sky

Love and laughter, a fleeting smile in memories to linger
A trembling kiss goodbye, an empty dangling finger

Seldom smiles, teary eyes quickly dry
To live is to die, in waiting we ponder why

We imagine heaven, forged without a key
As slaves to fate we ponder, the likelyhood of being free

This grey complexity, is all but solved
From life to death, we have evolved

Impending death, the sole truth which we all agree
The crumbling canopy of life, the falling human tree

Might it free us of this loneliness and pain
Will something yet remain, in a mind many times insane

Will the spirit's scars bleed and burn no more
Will we look back through the portal of death, and close the door

Happy to have left, into darkness and death
Or a longing sadness, for those we shared breath

So it was, and always be, to live is to die