The Human Experience

How sad it all is
And yet we aid and abet it
Ever feeding it shiny new souls
to keep the madness going

To enter the world, empty eyes filled with wonder
The lucky ones quickly leave the game
We wander on, never knowing the darkness that soon awaits

To helplessly watch and surrender, one by miserable one
Everything and everyone, every hope, every dream
To barely glimpse the light before withering away

We live, learn, love and lose
every experience and everything

The spaces increase as it all fades to nothing
Our busy lives, a graveyard of cats, dogs and friends
The darkness seeps through the cracks,
as we desperately try to fill the holes

Then finally, blessedly, your sentence is over, halted in its tracks
And it is someone else's turn, to mourn your loss
The human pendulum of sadness swings... and the emptiness marches on.