Laughing in the Cemetery

Through candle smoke and faded screams
I hide there, in blood-soaked dreams

With an angry whisper within
Amongst the darkness, hatred and sin

I'll search the spaces, vacant with time
Cherished empty places, lost without rhyme

The devil of our worries, yours to find
The truth unmasked, to rip out your mind

Anguished, on this dry bed of frozen ground
A silent heaven, this rancid hell unbound

God smiled, with his children he shared death
Without compassion, he'll rob us of breath

Laughing in the Cemetery, my happiness reborn
In this season of guilt, depression and scorn

The Son of Morning cries, an ocean of human pain
We can only hope to die, before going insane

With a splash of embryonic sewage, death is reborn
To rediscover life, its wonder tainted and worn

Rejoice, upon the end of a poisoned knife
Close your eyes and dare to dream, of another life.