Paradise in the Sky

'Everything worth living for, is also worth dying for.'

Let the velvet folds of night rush us away in selfish laughter
This remote life lay bare, forever before us, and ever after
So flush the smiles from your faces and bleach the color from your skin
There be no road to eternity, no battles nor victories to win
Triumphant blackened breath, the spirit departs on a cowardly wing
The whip of life waning, yet still the soul cringes with her echoing sting

Let the tender rays of dawn fall to earth only to die
And the spring rains grow black, and their drops fall dry
The wind be imprisoned in the trees, swirling helplessly to a silent grave
There exists no salvation, only the filth under our feet, and nothing to save
Not a reason for us to live, nor a cause for us to die
No heaven on earth, no Paradise in the Sky