The Delicate Hand of Heaven

Truth, such an easy dream for us to envision
Like a mime mimicking the tragedy of our birth
Such is its worth...

Life, such a flowing tale for one to tell
Improper accusations of holding worth
Despicable liar, you trespass with your birth

Freedom, righteously forged in the minds of men
A trap for brainwashed minds, to marvel from their cage
The truth to rob one of content, and replace it with rage

Happiness, a priceless jewel which we all seek
Sadly just an illusion, a mirage to captivate the weak

Death, a deserved rest from a tiresome life
A faceless friend where we place our curiosity
An utter secret unshared, beyond the confines of philosophy

Friendship, love and companionship to share in this mystery
We exist in an alliance of self-delusion
All for none, and one for one
Where the quest for purpose is failed and done...

Love, the longing of all living men
Where we bask in its benevolence, and burn in its sin

Loneliness, a place for poets and dreamers to dwell
Where The Delicate Hand of Heaven hands us to hell...