Cast Away

As a withered blade of grass in the courtyard of eternity...
The fate of oblivion crushes us beneath its blackened heel
Death as a bandit lurking in shadows unforeseen
Cloaked with illusions, she defines herself as life
A masquerade of fleshly deceit, the truth beyond the fallen branches
As a lonesome thief in the night, she robs us of our hopes for eternity
Writ bright in the cosmic night above, no salvation to this unerring peril
Life the opponent of life, this feast of existence ended before preparation
The raindrops bleed shadows of this truth, echoing their careless contempt
Laying watery waste upon the wanderers below
Never to see the end of this forsaken night
Make haste with your graven promises, oh mighty invisible 'king'
Our dying moans our song to you, in defeat we shall ever sing
Cold truth blazing in Godly certainty, nestled so warm and free
Living this unsightly lie, must we die to finally see?
Drown us then in death's thick tangled waters...
Let the ark of humanity be forever held beneath your fortunate waves
Overboard and cast away, I drift with pale crimson tide
I've long walked the plank aboard the diseased ship of 'life'...
On the lifeboat of suicide I fall to erotic rushing waves
With a mangled smile, down in these liquid, flowerless graves
Hand in hand with heaven, dead, at the bottom of this bottomless sea
With one wisdom remaining, forever has always meant never to me...