The Sunless Dawn

A scarcity of self, emptiness injects us with its flourishing wealth
Mighty in her lack of life, her's is the venom for which we forever strive
No goodness to reside over her vastness, lawlessness to control her ravishes
Dining upon the cries of man, an impenetrable breeze is that which she blows
Decide our decisions, unfasten this bolt of sun-laden peril
Shine... my lightless princess, invisible lifeless supremacy
Read to me their doctrine of love and hope, that we may laugh together at this mortal dream...

"Laugh in silence mortal child, the razorblade rests in thy hand as my blessing. Lend apocalypse to the world which hates thee, and in thy enemies ear I shalt whisper with gladness, so right and dear... 'Unfelt winds trespass your life, you are forsaken, and Armageddon is here'..."

"Then by the icon of suffering beating within my shallow breast, to thee, my queen, I do declare, although mine enemies do surround the final sanctuaries of our truth, The Sunless Dawn does yet shine... and in the end if the rune of victory lies not in our hand, let this graven promise stand, if we're not to have it, nor shall any man..."

"So then it shall be... that even if The Sunless Dawn does set upon the horizon of defeat... then in our beaten place a lively proclamation shalt be spoken, that even in our fall our last victory shall be met... that if victory be ours not to take, then to the Gods might it be known, with eternity to mimic our solemn tongue, our words are as said, if life not be ours, then none shall breathe, and all shall be dead..."

May the poverty of the soul... be lifted by the treasures of the grave
And in the face of absolute end, life might rise in death to save
In fleshly agony, we writhe beneath eternities invisible flame
Till all does come to pass, excuses absent from our lips, with only ourselves to blame
Our captor faceless in this void, a fathomless depth, without name
The answer comes without question, life and death as one, equally the same