The Horror of Now

"We often wonder, with a sense of urgency and worry, what will become of us after our earthly death. Forgetting or paying little mind to the hell that is today and the horror that is now."

We're all victims, in this predatory game
Living large, in this cesspool of mortal shame
Victims of life, searching for a shred of light
Twelve billion human eyes, straining in the night
A second chance, a place to belong
A caring face, a familiar song

A ghostly god to ease this human pain
Hoping for heaven, for the gods to remember, and the devil to forget our name

In the womb of hope, lies the seed of despair
In this dark corner of hell, is an earth without care
A fragile bleeding flower, gasping for air

From a raped and ruined planet, we look anxiously to the stars
With beaten little spirits, the dread dream of human greed
With a sprawling darkness unmatched by the universe
We prowl our poisoned skies, with bloody hands reaching upward
Rapists of the earth and sky, and murderers of the frail human spirit
Mankind, where from hell shall you set your diseased sail?
Only the immensity of space prevents you from murdering another planet, another race
Beneath the executioner's hood lies a drooling human face
Muddy eyes stare tenderly at doom, to drown in our diseased juices, in our crowded tomb