Vast Expanse of Misery

The memory remains, as a ghostly disease to haunt our mind
Of dread and delight, and the content we're lost to find
Our fiery grin, now a frozen, ash smudged frown
...and the dusk's pale glow, spirals upwardly down
Like branchless trees, trapped in a life of want and need
Creatures of death ride the dawn, on tomorrow they feed
Exhausted in this silent storm, the skull of life falls from an outstretched hand
Bitterness etched on broken skin, a hatred for you, God and the land
Complex simplicity, you're left to fathom, why?
Our truth attends in absence, a ladder leading to a lie
Wanton lust for empty space, the flower of life blooms with the stench of death
An unkept field of wilting petals, the winds of ill-fortune blow us with heaving breath
An amounting weight, we fight to resist, as our bones begin to creak
Acceptive denial, like a dying child, imaginative and meek
The tides of time flood the shores, as far as the eye can see
Our eyes dissolve in tears, so lonely, in this Vast Expanse of Misery