A Better Day

A better day, lies waiting outside that door
You know the one, that always leads to more
Potions and powders to make you smile
A dedicated quest for purpose, for a little while

Search the streets wet with blood, the broken forests, the stinking mud
The flick of a rusty switchblade, to tear down your illusion
A machine gun dream, to dismantle you and hear you scream

Hell is heaving, crushing all of your limited means
A living shopping spree, emerges in murderous dreams
Turning gold into lead, the primitive sophisticates, dead, dead, dead

Another day, and we're waiting in the shadow of an open door
You know the one, to a fiery reckoning, an imminent war
More humans for the war machines to crush
The arguments end, and a great death hush

But until then, stab in the nail, ride the little white highway to a beautiful end
Heaven waiting beneath a glowing tree, escape to euphoria, with an invisible friend
A chemical miracle, sifting smoke and a little pill
Bury tomorrow, soften their screams, and kill, kill, kill