One Hate

"Tanks are important, bullets are important, bombs are important, people are not important."

One hate, for your sneering, grinning face
One hate, for your murderous, demonic race

We silently watch you celebrating the sickness you've given birth
You're dangling from stolen towers, your gold is garbage and such is your worth

You are the enemy of Earth and all of its races
Looming ever closer, seven billion angry faces

One hate, your kingdom sinks into the stinking mud
One hate, we'll spend years cleaning up your blood

We'll quietly stare as you scream out your last lie
We grind our teeth and await the day all of you shall die

We're buying bullets and sharpening our knives
We're dreaming of the day we stomp out your lives

One hate, of 190 blood-stained vengeful nations
Obliterating you, the realization of your evil imaginations

One Hate