Oblivious Nirvana

A healthy obsession with death...
A torrid fixation to quell the uprising of breath

Terrible circumstance, dictates this miserable day...
Where life flees in terror, and gentle death has lost her way

Free beneath hulking oppression, chaos sifts and breathes
A darkening Earth, hatred rises from the fallen leaves

Utter, in our lack of tomorrow, the future plants a rotting seed
Bleeding children, with toys of broken glass, dying of undesirable need

Admiration of oblivion, spiraling so entirely free
Destiny, a lying whore, dead where she's destined to be...

An abstinent emblem of mortal life, a maiden white and wondrous, still death be fairer
Paladin of expiration, frozen with a smile, in complete terror

Filthy angel of virginal virtue, longing for the cold rape of doom
Perfection's hidden flaws, a murderous mother with a snake-filled womb

Mildewed minds seeking rancid happiness, these filthy lovers of mortality
Of trembling flesh, dying to appease their master's fallacy

In union with this rabid beast, in reverie of his hooves which grind us to dust
Loyal to a silent night, the death of day, and murderous lust

Yet, restraints are broken, and upon your progeny the vengeful wolves shall feed
Pray to the God, whom eats the life from your frame, praises be due for this miraculous deed

Reach for this invincible goal, indulge in mighty death, the idealistic struggle to utopia supreme
Emptiness, the dead's choking gaze, tears for non-existance, Oblivious Nirvana is our dream.