It's Hard to be Human

'This beautiful blue earth, is a frozen ball of greed. The child of man, most certainly some dark devilís seed.'

It's hard to be human
in the midst of another boring sunny day
or the cold empty depths of a long night away

It's hard to pretend
to paint a smile on your face
when all you want to do is rage

It's hard being human
bearing the guilt of thousands of years of shame
it's gotten old, the weight of the centuries, the age-old pain

It's sometimes hard to get out of bed
like a zombie, in a world where nightmares come true
trying to look alive, but doing what zombies do

It's getting harder to be a human
black hatred, sneering, it's growing harder to disguise
hostile loathing, peeking through my dead eyes

It's getting harder to look into their faces
I don't see myself
there must be two human races.