This Faded Place

"Men may free captives from their bondage, uplift the mind imprisoned, but what man great or small can free himself from that subtle cage that is himself?"

Into this faded place...
Our shadows etched into the confining walls
Empty doorways stare, eyes without a face
Through blank passages we wander, servants to these silent halls
Desperate for higher meaning, the time ticks silently on and on
Abandoned, sinking skin, we're dying, we'll never win
Broken promises, blinded, yesterday, today, tomorrow, gone
Vomit and tears, days and days conclude to years and years
Drunken with its venom, with the serpents and the swine
Life sings of its anguish, a song only death hears
Into this faded place...
Without father and mother, sister or brother, friend or lover
Into this faded place...
Here and there, nowhere, without a trace,
Somewhere, lost, inside This Faded Place.