Dream the Dream

Trivial creatures of a dying day, unfit tyrants in your kingdom of glass
Your security lay in a vanquished sky, you Dream the Dream of a peasant's lie
Continually grasping for the nothingness you've placed a name
Shed your skin in realization , a name separates, yet beneath all remains the same
Stalk the rusty waters in search of what's true
Drown in your feeble journeys, there's nothing you could possibly do
Plot and plunder merciless children, vanquish your enemy in a suicidal blow
Confess and behold, your truest friend is also your greatest foe
Your constant life giving breath, is very well the wind of your death
Calculated presence of this mathematical blunder
Mismanaged clumsy being, you are not worthy, you shall always fail
Take the journey of the wise man, proceed on your tour of the fool
Negotiator of an unmet demand, your treasured life is crushed in your own hand
Waste away in your processed world, so docile in your savagery
The exquisite touch of the grave, as an angel descending to save
Romance lingers in godlike heavenly intrigue
Where serenity whispers her truth, amidst the headstones of a new day
Where peace and laughter are all but broken by the smiles of those unafraid to say
Deadly way, the path to heaven, one way to apocalypse, there are seven
Fall not to the deceiving sky, paradise crushed, like you, a lie
Horrendous little men, a daily funeral you unknowingly attend
Tamed and broken, the ghastly truth wipes away your rat-like smile
Human-beast of your own burden, you are the steed which eternity rides
In continual halt, Dream the Dream... and know forever you are indeed the fool you seem