A Snowy Day in Hell

I watch the snow fall, on this tear-drenched tomb
The frozen fears of man, painted on ice in this forested room

Swirling through its icy course, the world naked in the dark
Billions of tiny little prayers, scrawled on peeling bark

Confined and collapsed, to have to share this doomed century together
A snowy day in hell, we're trapped here forever

Mute stars swirl, I listen to the earth's ailing creaks
The stone slurps and whispers, the dirt drunkenly speaks

Spitting curses in the dark, words freeze upon my tongue
Silence procedes, the most boring song ever sung

Tiny eternities collide and die, oblivion falls asleep
Lazy trees yawn, their roots a million feet deep

We calculate that all is relatively well
A good day for damnation, on this snowy day in hell.