Life goes on...

Life goes on... they say
Even if the grave is its destined way.

Leaving loved ones, sorrowful and conceited
Cold death, again undefeated.

Invisible murderer, without honor or grace
Cowardly destroyer, a killer without face.

Life goes on... they say
Where and why, we cannot say.

Only fading memories to sift and linger
Mortality haunts, beneath an outstretched pointing finger.

The forgotten days fade into too many lost years
The cemeteries patiently wait, and gone are our fears.

Life goes on... they say.
For the quiet billions dreading their day.

For the callous and defeated, the reckless and unbelievers,
The killers and the kings, the liars and the tired.

For the suicidal and the inane, the traitors and the insane
The careless and the cold, their numbers all vastly untold.

Life goes on... for they.
The villainous billions, deserving their day.