I Shall Rise

The candles will burn brighter, in the bright sunshine of my doom
Yet I shall rise, in the stale darkness of this room

A bold hand certain, smudging the blood from a trembling wrist
Eyes blurry with ashes, I shall kiss eternity's skeletal fist

The light will surely glimmer, beneath this soul celebrating in its tomb
And I shall arise, to make love to the blackness and the gloom

Twisting in agony, it all just burns away
In this serpent filled garden, in this poisoned day

My enemies whisper my end, my allies promise 'soon...'
Yet I shall rise, beneath a beaten sun and a conquering moon

Rotting roses, vomited wine
Creeping cough, and everything's fine

Terrible truth, this empty road winds
And I shall arise, free of you, and the tie that binds

Yes I shall rise, with the glorious fools and the ignorant wise.