Paintings on the Pavement

I found the corpse of a dog painted on the pavement
I decided it was beautiful
More beautiful than the trees it laid under
Or the glistening blue sky above them
More beautiful than the indifferent concrete it defiled
or the crisp air it cursed

More beautiful than you
or anyone you will ever know
More beautiful than your quiet god
or his plagarized promises
More beautiful then your powdered flesh
or the empty soul that hides behind its eyes

More than the flowers to be tossed on your coffin
or the anxious hours until that fateful day
More than the trash which shall blow over your grave
or the tearful monsters that shall seal you in it
More than the worms to gorge your poisoned carcass
or the flies leaving footprints on your painted lips

I left it painted there, the artist must have driven away
We parted company, both to quietly fade away
No parting words, we hadn't much to say.