Spiritual Anarchy

With rebellious heart, the soul rides the breeze of this fleshly affliction
With a hangman's smile, gloating, it rises to celebrate our fall
Life obese and bloated, forever damned and starved of light
Chained upon eternity's perspiring walls...
Darkened shadow misguiding the lowly fellows of time
Convulsing with each heart-beaten step...
Our souls shout anarchy, our minds in spiritual contempt
Death-saturated tales untold, so sweetly bitter, so warmly cold
Such is the song of you and I, upon a bloodied knee, defenseless, waiting to die
Disoriented by the darkness of our eyes, truth to man, to me a lie
As an archer's arrow she flies, an assassin, her venom drips from a contemptuous lip
Sulking in murderous shadows, suicidal self-hatred, we cringe beneath her angry whip
Mistress of beaten life, never to see, you kill yourself by killing me...
Take your 'splendors,' your 'comfort' and your greed, your faulty law I shall never heed Take back this 'gift' of being, your lively treasure, for in absence of thee, is life without measure
Your jewels of life, illusionary glass, broken and worn the 'miracles' of this day
Existence but a blister to be lanced, death, such an effortless price to pay
Cringe and retract, as Spiritual Anarchy blisters in our eyes
Fault riddled whore of being, your reign concludes, and all creation dies...