Vast Deadness

Behold the world, rotting in the aching sun
Witness this tragedy, the hell we have done

A planet of remorse, in an endless sea of regret
A bitter poem of doom and death

The light fades from blackened eyes
Rivers of failure, beneath mountains of lies

Time is like a river, mercilessly carrying us within its course
It drags us beneath its deathly waves, without remorse
Its sands falling indiscriminate, washing our lives away in its almighty wave
In smoldered ruins, smoking shadows, there is nothing left to save

Voices pass, the warm glow of life shining in their eyes
I resent them, and curse them again and again in silence
They'll whimper and cry, their eyes reflect a longing to die

The sweet face of life, hides the dreams of a killer
Silence penetrates this sullen place
Like a murderous angel, with a blood-stained face
The rain has long died in its elegant course
Tears reflect a solemn sigh
We tear into ourselves, looking to merely die
As if in a dream, we walk these sullen miles without end
Floating in emptiness, a Vast Deadness, our greedy friend