Faithless, Dead and Obsolete

Angel of ancient silence...pierce me with your marble lips
Carry away this horror...erase me from this unworthy day
A romantic love affair with certain annihilation, is it the only way?
And while I'm dying to leave, I'm longing to stay...
Painful suggestions overwhelm, the angels have long lost their wings
Rising and falling in emotionless expression...
Forsaken is the beating heart, in this dark funeral procession
Where only a guilty silence lingers, our gurgled screams and silent confession...
The years do not relax our worries, as youth falls from our lingering grasp
Lost, the certainty in our smiles, the conviction of our voice
The days no longer heal, replaced with an impending dread
Not wanting to walk away from life, to the mysteries of the dead...
Not certain of anything anymore, our vision dims not so bright
As we've always known we would fail, and lose our most desperate fight
The hand of time points out its deadening decree
Invisible chains remain the strongest, life as our jailer, never to be free
The innocent face of a stillborn child, it's what I dream of all the while
'Do you yet hear the past's glimmering whispers my friends?...
As we sat in darkness and contemplated our ends...'
Innocence left behind, in the calm storms of a failed October...
Kings and queens, we screamed in rebellious silence
Finding our lonely roads, somehow together, yet we fell from our thrones
For faith is the brace of a fool, and ours was no exception
Years later we turn our sullen heads to face our torrential failure...
And leave this place as we once came...
Faithless, Dead, and Obsolete