Stare into the Blue

Life is but one fleeting chance
A chance invitation to an uncertain dance

Frozen nights, in celebrated smiles
The spiritual ache, hell's green miles

Earth's sick little child, by torment, beguiled
A sun-drenched curse, squinting in the calm wild

Rusting, in the proverbial depressing rain
I stab the muddy earth, a futile end to its pain

A midnight morning of the soul
Shades of twilight glistening like coal

Sparkling sacrifice, red turns to gold
For human lust, the earth's soul is sold

Arid eyes cry, for a life forged only to die
Searching this mystery, something decaying beyond the still sky

In a bath of boiling stars, you need not wonder why
Heaven adrift, the definition of a staggering lie

Corrupt as a summer snow, the eternal winter that refuses to go
Hell is for humans, just so you know

The climactic end, god throws his dogs a bloody bone
Womankind with him, mankind crumbles like stone

Human meat, free for the taking
Starry lurch, eternity's back is breaking

I stare into the blue, at compassion pure and true
Humanity, God fucking hates you.