The Razorblade of Redemption

As day and night struggle for the hour
And the wind blows breathlessly through the trees...
In decayed days of motionless pain...
The shadow of night blackens our days
As life bleeds with a restless contempt
We fabricate our smiles and turn our heads away
A revelation of doom, its written in our eyes
The veil of secrecy thrashed and lifted
This fleshly fallacy, let the truth be known
Let the phoenix of death uplift us, to the immortality we seek
Where hope lies eclipsed with somber the blemished land of man
Life the simultaneous thunder...of living and dying
With a stroke of the Master's hand, we ache to be wiped away
A vengeful tear in the eye of foolish eternity
In morbid assemblage we congregate beneath the certainty of our demise
Symmetric in our blind escape, the hand of bitterness ushers us onward
Insufficient in our quest for balance, The Razorblade of Redemption calls...
In absence of choice, removed our want to simply be
Unresponsive to the touch of our bleak destiny
Indifferent to the chains that bind, we shall never be free
The promise of our heaven lost, the stars like viruses infecting the night sky
Rancid starlight impales our searching eyes, no compromise with this visual lie
Infecting the earth with our stale self
The luster of life long faded away
Where even the night is really no different than the day
A grave-like silence lays siege to our laughter
Dead before our life, dead forever after...
Behead the spirit...passed away its pitiful moan...
Like an infant crying out in unknowing
We drown in the circle of our useless days
Premeditated murder upon our birth...
Our destiny lies sunken in the dirt...
Disobedient and purposely forsaken let us rush to timeless halls...
The grave lunges forward with a kiss, and the Razorblade of Redemption no longer calls...