Black Heart Abyss

"The world is red, and soon you shall be dead..."

-In bitter remembrance of J.L.R. RIP.

There's a hole in my heart, a grinning black abyss
A violent dark void and a fiery fist
It's spiraling out of control
A ripped open rotten hole

There's a hole in my heart, a lurching supernatural fist
Exploding into your life, a black magic kiss
Greetings from the insects, which crawl this tattered book
Hello from cauldron fire, a fanged spirit smiles and takes a look

There's a hole in my heart, where goblins gather 'round the hollow warm
Whispering vengeance, where your waxen shape loses form
Where the shadow of our nights blackens your cursed days
We know no forgiveness, to one who betrays

There's a heart in my hand and it's dripping with your piss
Nice shot, comrade, but I'm afraid you missed.