Against Time

Like a dark canvas draped over my mind
God painted them there, the men against time
And as a phoenix rising from the fire
Love and perseverance, that will never tire
From smoke and flame, rise a new way
From ash and end, a new day
But never to see that glorious tomorrow
Trapped here, in the age of sorrow
Heart crushing despair, but I wouldn't cry
The multitude of one alone, my head held high
Desperate, in this crowded cage
Cellmates with the world, screaming with rage
They had taken everything, and at last, our fears
We measure our lives by battles, and forget the years
The storm clouds gather, and I'm aching alone
With my belief, mind, soul, heart, flesh and bone
How many more beatings, can the slaves possibly take?
How many more nightmares, before the dreamers awake?