The Ebony Thorn of Hatred

Love, a scarce river, where solemn, virgin flowers bloom beneath her gentle waves
Yet tainted is its source, anguished love is lost, and The Ebony Thorn of Hatred saves
Heroine of truth, your gentle rain washes away their lie
Lift me with your glimmering light, speak to me in whispers, never say goodbye

"Leave life's treasures for the greedy and the blind, with me you shall never be left behind. Your sweet tears begone, I shall lay drought to your eyes, and never, ever, my friend, shall I say goodbye..."

Reality so false as we know it, in limited realization we exaggerate our worth
A meaningless flower budding in the womb, welcome to this pointless Earth
Deny this blazing truth and hold fast the false comforts of your lie
Death remains the sole truth, the rigid expanse of eternity, your earth, your empty sky

"Mighty is the God whom all life does one day kneel. Crushed beneath my hooves, like a neverending wheel. In the graveyards you arrive to worship me, my altars in stone beneath your tears. Such a short time away, six billion more, in another hundred years..."