Alive, sifting through this grey land of departed dreams
Cherish not a life, that regretfully is all that it seems...
Where the dead wail in longing frustration
So powerless, wildly grasping their earthly expectation
...no savior to await, the moldy grave, Heaven's gate

Extinct, gazing with muddy eyes...
With a miserable stench to validate our fears
A hate-filled gesture to inconvenience our despicable lives
To tell us of a sordid wisdom, a vision into a sightless night
Where life retreats, and in death finds rapturous delight...

A traitor who chases nether, hiding so cowardly beyond the skin
Repulsive awareness, being alive is the absolute sin
Born is utter weakness, the infant cries of mortal man
A cunning terrorist hiding in our veins
This battle of attrition, to be waged in the October rains

Black tears of the dead spilt in icy pain
A vestige of our putrefying loved ones, screaming out 'Life is insane...'
Wading through these waters of human insignificance
A trace of selfless laughter, the flames flicker and extinction draws nearer
Life reflects denial, a filthy portrait inverted in a shattered mirror

Ghastly catastrophe, shivering in abandon
Quivering lips fall open with steaming breath
With a loathing for life and a black hatred for death...
Bloodstained glass etches an inscription of heaven on the skin...
Through cracked teeth grinding, 'Oblivion...'