Never to be Free

'We await the cold freedom of death, our merciful finale, to end this miserable breath.'

A fading moon sways on a string of stars
We watch from Earth, behind our bars...
Imprisoned in this place, with a conquered heart and a hidden face
The guardians of dawn have left their watchful tower
The weakness of this spiritual depression, an absent failing power
Love has gone astray, the end comes, and we're dying for the day
A pale silhouette without a trace
Beauty reveals its ugly face
A skeletal plot, obedient to yesterday
Life...a place to visit, but only a fool would stay
The road to Heaven through a garden of stones
We don our uniform, a pile of buried bones
Tyrant in the setting sky, caress us with your vengeful fist
Lonesome road, lonely no more, swallow us in your mist
Cross our hearts and hope to die
We watch on with an uncaring eye
Broken serpent, the flick of an anxious tongue
Aged with repetition, upon a death moon, hope is hung
Sing to me your relentless love, I remain deaf to your song
If 'Life is too short...', why must it be so long?
Cry out to vent this injustice, tears do not come
Life's grey complexities, remain a riddle to some
Beneath a vanquished heart, lies the gaping mouth of a dead dream
Truth in its fated grave, resting serene, so it might seem...
Peace exists, entirely in non-existance
A short six feet journey, and we're 'laid to rest...'
Life seeks but a single answer, for us to fail its test
Soul dampened betrayer, with hidden motives and a silent question
Cosmic smile, I detest your glittering grin
Forsaken of victory, yet I never wished to win
Unmistakable truth and virtue, in the end remain just words
The logic of this life, in death becomes absurd
We look to God with an unsatisfied decree
That even in death, we are Never to be Free...