The Green and the Gloom

Through the windows of a troubled time
Peer the eyes of a tortured mind

Who searches for truth, reason or rhyme
Yet only the opposite are out there to find

With a bloody history as our judge
A hot sun reveals miles of human sludge

This gory truth, armored in their lies
Swing wide the sword, nevermind the goodbyes

Chaos, the rabid beast we ride
In the green and the gloom, there's nowhere to hide

Lost, in this forest of screaming trees
Abandoned, on our fucking knees

The murderers of truth, bear a proud human face
Cowards and liars, the hated human race

A crowded world gone astray
Death is dying, she's dying for our day

Shackled to you, in this godless room
Prisoners till then, in The Green and the Gloom