Wonderful People

We're lost, and don't ever wish to be found
Here's our heaven, on the filthy fucking ground

We've looked to the sky and sensed no wonder
Scraping the bottom, jaded souls asunder

Hot eyes shine, with a fistful of hate
Swallowing arrows, of poisonous fate

Life painted black, with God's merciful rage
Death sets us free, from this candy cage

Stars twitch in ecstacy, whimpering celestial speech
Cursing human wisdom, our sleeping mind's reach

The twisted shadow of man, stains the foul earth
In their golden jewels, I find no worth

On a tombstone pulpit, I preach with a skeletal sneer
No voice of dissent, I am the undisputed master here

But the human miracle is looking rather stark
In the beautiful immensity, of blessed dark

Stoney yard, beneath the shadow of a steeple
I can only laugh, at all the wonderful dead people