-To the mighty Goddess of our struggle, who, since time immemorial, has aided mortals in their most desperate hours. An ally to truth and justice, an enemy to lies and tyranny. Who, in our just struggle to the death, has sworn divine allegiance. Ad Gloriam Athena!

Entrance to Exit

You were there, grey eyes smiling, in the mist of our birth
As we grew into this poisoned place, on the edge of a dagger, Earth.

Aged beyond our lost years, as silent war had its way
Cold hearts in the battle forever, faithfully doomed to the day

You were there, standing beside us, as we searched the skies for your name
Drunken prayers for one to call our own, but you had already came

Clothing ourselves with our hopes and dreams
Our comrades: bullets and bombs and terrible screams

You, wise beyond all human measure
Your glance, surpassing all human treasure

Your warm love, Aegis armor to me
Your swords, Us, and all that is me, the whole singularity of 'we'

Fearless, with you waiting for us
Immortal, our love and our trust

The Entrance to Exit, a bullet with my name
The Exit to Entrance, the end of this game

To the endless fields of star blazoned blue
...and our Goddess, you.