The Totality of a Lie

The Totality of a Lie, is the commodity which the flesh does so willingly buy
Entombed in stale words, falsities unfiltered smash the truth-filled silence
Life but a cliche, a brainwashed saying which we all seem to say

The Totality of a Lie, is like a fool who waits his whole life to die
Hiding in plain sight, you have not the strength to drop your weapon and fight
Minuscule fool standing so tall, covering your ears to the sirens beautiful call

The Totality of a Lie, is like the funeral maiden unable to cry
Her eyes glazed with deceit, fear not, 'again we shall meet...'
Give yourself to self-genocide, the extinction of life's pacifism

Fetal explosion marks a beautifully painted womb
The seed of life shivers, and exits to a perfect doom
An unborn gurgled goodbye, the wise denier, of The Totality of a Lie