Nihilist Prayers

Spirit of solitude, which blows through these graves
The shores of mankind, drenched and drowned in your waves
Will you ever be full, from your vengeance and hate?
Is but a feeble lifetime, in your eyes too late?
The delicacies of this shrouded mystery unfold only to die
Captured moments and languid memories fall with a silent sigh
Let go this fallacy, where white shadows linger
With a soul of snow, dissolving in the filthy heat
Savage, hate-tempered heart, the tears of God stain eternities feet
Betray me with your whispers, exhausted soul, a figment of human sleep
Here, where happiness rests, in the long hours of the night...
There, where none live to contest, huddling in the cold light...
In this soul-severing miracle, drunken fools drowning in sleep
Crying out for interruption, death's a ledge infinitely steep
Silent evenings twist, as the summer lingers a chilling goodbye
The winter spirit spreads her wings, and breathes an icy sigh
Languishing with the first snowfall, our grievance to a wounded lie...
Straining to see, beyond a barrier of broken, leaking skin...
The temptations to wonder, without life, the things that could have been?...
Seamless persecution, the ribs hold the heart in a cage
Studying the volumes of a meaningful life, sifting through an ever blank page
Hold dear ghastly life, the sentiments of sneering malevolence
Take care the shackles that lacerate the wrist, an impulse without sense
Writhing in intercourse, in morbid copulation with the harlot called life...
Existence pregnant with your disease, participant voyeurs of reeking viral conception
A docile beast, fledgling cowards seeking ever their willful infection
Promiscuous, perverse fool, yield your soul for a moment of false gratification
Freed slave philosophizing the bars surrounding your cage
An empty prayer to continue further , expire in contaminated tears
Clinging to an exhausted savior, you've nothing but fear
Perishable vagrant, the shadows of the King are falling fast
Eyes upon the sky, the shadow of oblivion is lovingly cast
A slave to your betrayer, but a child of death til the last...

"Nihilist Prayers, the spiritual gold of the God of disbelievers.
An atheists prayer never goes unanswered you see, afterlife tales, are but plagiarisms of all that is me..."