Heavenly Hell

Desperately we protest, the infringement of our guilt
We plead out our innocence, for the hell we have built
Crying out for leniency, our lying eyes hidden as we speak
Turn away your flashing glare, absent to the mercy we seek
Convicts of this life we deem far from fair
A gaze for hope destroyed, we're just another blank stare
Oceanic beings of conscious slumber, we drown in barren hell
Lost in starry oppression, in our selfish ascension we fell
Murdered and so alone, our lives a tale none care to tell
The embers of humanity seem to fade...at the end of this horrible night
A witness to our own absurdity, in our vision we've lost our sight
Time, a calamity of eternity, where we bathe in her horror
Asserting our empty claims of a right to live, we cry to a vacant sky, 'forgive?'
Our punishment so cruel and bizarre, we are sentenced to live
Meticulous passageways, in a skyline laced with poison
Heavenly Hell unnoted, the river of death swells at its banks
Our heartbeat echoes the proclamation of our guilt
The blackened river does shine, and life floats upon her as silt
Caught in hellish cross-fire, life stabs us between the eyes
We prepare our epitaph, greetings and goodbye
Liable for our lives, death shuts her eyes and refuses to save
As overlooked captives in an unspoken grave
Fleshly evidence spells out our guilt, and silence reigns forever and a day
Condemned to live on, in Heavenly Hell we are ushered away