Innocent Dirt in a World of Hurt

We made the hot shadows dance with miserable spirit light
Soldier-vampires, stuck somewhere between death and fight

We're cast between silent moon and aching sun
We're the beauty of a dagger, the finality of a gun

We're thinking up their suicides, in a place so darkly deep
We're spending all our money, for death is cheap

Our god is red, the flag of life unfurled
Sweetly, down the barrel of a gun, hurled

A timeless sculpture cast in glowing lead
A prayer of vengeance, "BANG" you're dead

Wounds weeping, feel for our smile in the dutiful dark
Straight razors and hollow points with an exclamation mark

Silent singing, a machine gun lullaby as you finally die
Welcome to the World Fire, you'll sift into the smoky sky

We'll taste your filthy ashes, on our snarling lips
Your bloated body explodes, your dark soul rips

You, monster of the unclean, unworthy of innocent dirt
We can never repay you, the authors of this world of hurt